Brand Designer and Reotucher at DR SMILE, Urban Technology GmbH, Berlin, Germany. Digital retouching for models and testimonials. Creating and implementing designs for corporate campaigns.
Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager. Designer of Propheus Bikewear MTB/MX, Fashion for MTB & MX.
IR - Business Identity
Client / Ivana Ruggiero / HR Manager and freelance german teacher based in Berlin.
Avi Travel
Client / Avi Travel / Brochures for foreign clients with information on historical-naturalistic tours and Italian wedding locations.
Mindgroup Managment GmbH
Client / Ozan Sinan for Mindgroup / Mind Group provides consulting and management services for the development of projects and processes, purchase and sale of services and products of other companies in the fields of IT, information, project economics and knowledge.
Cybas GmbH
Client / Ozan Sinan for Cybas / Cybas assesses the current cyber security strategy of companies and test key exposure points to provide you with a clear plan for addressing vulnerabilities.
Carotenuto Real Estate
Client / Carotenuto Immobiliare / Houses, apartments, offices and shops for sale.
CM - Business Identity
Client / Mauro Cappiello / Professional surveyor operating in southern Italy.
PumpUp Studio - Music Production
Client / PumpUp Studio Music Production / Logo for a studio specialized in electronic music always pursuing the best sound and fresh ideas. They made track signed by label like: Spinnin rec, Ultra Music, Sony, Big & Dirty, D:Vision etc
Viviana Verde Photography
Client / Viviana Verde Freelance Photographer / Business identity and visual storytelling through powerful imagery lifestyle, commercial, events & portraits.
Le Ceramiche del Castello
Client / Le Ceramiche del Castello / “Le Ceramiche del Castello” is a company that makes handmade ceramics, sold all over the world.
Vallone dei Mulini
Client / Sorrento City / The Vallone dei Mulini is a valley of the Sorrento coast. Once the wheat was grinded, today it’s considered one of the most enchanting places of Italy. The logo is created in parallel to the coordinated image of the location, on the occasion of the reopening to visitors.
1° Place - Winner - Logo Contest
Client / Sorrento City / Logo Contest: notice of competition for the creation of the logo for the Youth Forum in Sorrento. The competition is finalized at the realization of a logo that identifies the “FORUM DEI GIOVANI SORRENTO”. -2017
3° Place - National logo contest
Client / Conegliano Valdobbiadene / A logo for the landscape of the prosecco - spoiling a logo that manages to force, incisiveness and immediacy to tell all the values that the territory of the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene represents, in order to highlight its candidacy for UNESCO heritage.
Fisher-Price Adv Banner
Client / Early Morning for Max Mattel / Adv graphic banner for Fisher-Price, animotion, sketch and call-to-action.
Max Mattel
Client / Early Morning for Max Mattel / Graphic elements, layout and photo retouching for Trade Catalogue 2019 of Max Mattel.
Just play with passion.
Client / Woman Football Team Cacahuetes Sluts, Paris / Advertising poster, motion-parallax, shooting and football reel.
Danube City Gang
Client / Danube City Gang / Street Football Never Dies. Discovering the Street, football culture and roots from Paris (FR) suburbs.
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